Best New York and New Jersey Movers: Soho Moving Company in NY & NJ

Soho Moving is one the best moving companies in NY and NJ. You can check our photos and videos of our job. We are experienced licensed movers. We offer residential moving with full packing and unpacking services. As well we provide moving boxes at discounted price for our customers, so you shouldn't worry about packing materials.

We work in very special cities. Professional moving companies like us know their tempers inside out. We know all the peculiarities of the local law system, how to get on well with the local directors, Soho Moving keeps up to the changeable lifestyles of the cities we operate in.

Moves depend upon a range of specific details, like traffic on the roads, building managers, and elevator access. Leave it to us! Our movers have 20 years of experience of handling all kinds of situations. We’re expert in getting you from one place to the other with comfort and in little time. 

We are Soho Moving. We will offer you work by hours or flat rate price. That means that you get one all-inclusive price, once we do your inventory and give you a Move Plan. That price is set. You won't find many moving companies that stick to that. We know how to make moves smooth and hassle free.

We are Soho Moving. We keep to the rules we promise you: our prices are fixed once we make a deal. We don’t change them at the end of the move, as many companies do. We can make your move less stressful and more comfortable.

Soho Moving rules the moving process in all aspects. When the Move Plan is ready, you can relax. Your move will go smoothly.

Our Moving Services Start With Inventory

First of all, our movers work together with you to make an exact inventory of all the items you want to be moved. Whether it goes on in your home or on the phone depends on your wish. In Soho Moving we are sure that a good detailed planning is a basis for a perfect move. 

All Moves Get One Fixed Price. Hourly or Flat Rate

Once the inventory is finished, you get a Move Plan and a fixed price to pay. Each detail is considered in the Move Plan. It’s a guarantee of a locked price. 

Special Requests for Your Move?

Our incomparable movers can provide you with any additional service: from cleaning to wires installations. 

Furniture Movers…Plus Packing Power!

Another service we provide is packing and unpacking. We’re fully equipped and well-trained for that. If you don’t want to be stressed with this endless and painful process, leave it to us! We’ll do our job carefully and quickly. This is one of those numerous advantages our services have.  

Professional Movers

With our long-term experience of moving, we know everything about your new home’s elevator hours, parking spaces, move-in days and other details. We're doing our best to keep up with the up-to-date information.  

Long distance Moving? We Got This

When we come to you on the day of the move, we’re 100% prepared. We always have a few extra boxes just in case. 

Moving Work Starts Right Away

We’re always on time and prepared for work. Our packers start at once, taking care of the unprotected corners, floors, and so on, packing up the furniture and electronics mentioned in the Move List.

We'll See You There

We’ll see you at your new home. Our team will unload everything and do everything according to the plan. They won’t leave you until they’ve done their job and until you’re absolutely contented.

Call us for your free moving estimate or request a quote online on our web-site!