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NYC is said to be the migration capital of the world. Actually, more people move to and across NYC than anywhere in the world. And among all this fuss, people choose Soho Moving as a moving company. Our company will make your move easier – just get a quote now and start planning your moving today.

Choose Soho Moving for Your New York Moving

We Know NYC.

We always do our job ourselves: when you hire Soho Moving, you get Soho Moving. Our movers are not substituted or falsified. 
There’s no doubt that NYC is a city that provides challenges and complexities virtually around every corner.  It takes you a long time to figure out where to park your vehicle, or even to navigate in the street. That’s why you need a reliable moving service that’s competent in the NYC geography.

Soho Moving - Honest New York Interstate Movers

What concerns moving, we all know that New Yorkers don’t like surprises, especially when it’s a price-shift. What makes us best moving company working in New York is that we don’t change the price you’re quoted at the beginning of the moving process. Our prices are always fixed. We’re doing our best to make your move easy and stressless.
Once you choose us as your mover, you’ll fall for us forever, just like other clients of ours do.

Insured and Licensed Interstate Movers

We never miss out on our clients’ requirements. With our staff well-trained and trucks well-equipped, we’ll move your belongings safe and sound in all weathers. We have far more beyond the essentials found in other moving companies. Our trucks are up-to-date and extremely solid.

Our movers know the city from A to Z. We have a huge experience in NYC. And we’re happy to be one of the best NYC moving companies.

Soho Moving - Your New York City Long Distance Moving Company

Whether you’re moving away from or to NYC, and looking for long distance movers, you found them. It’s all available at once, and this makes us one of the  best moving companies for a move across the country.
What’s more, we can coordinate with our reliable partners and plan a perfect and fast long-distance move.

When Is the Best Time to Move in NYC?

It must be pointed out that the majority of moves occur either at the end or at the beginning of the month. Consequently, it will be cheaper to book a date in the middle.
Note that moving around major holidays like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving can be delayed by hard traffic. Some parts of the road can be closed for parades and celebrations.

Moving Boxes in NYC

Moving boxes can be found everywhere from streets to liquor stores. But isn’t it safer and more convenient to get our moving boxes delivery any time right to your doorstep? 
Our boxes differ in size, but what they have in common is high quality and strength. Order our boxes delivery, and you’ll save both time and money, cause your stuff is too valuable to fall through the fragile boxes.

NYC’s Top Companies

NYC is rich in employment opportunities. They’re waiting for you almost on every corner. NYC is one of the three most important command centers for the whole world’s industry. Actually, in 2013 52 out of the Fortune 500 Companies were situated in New York.

Whenever people say NY has little job opportunities, they just haven’t looked for them. 

NYC Public Transit

In New York few people own a car. That’s why moving services are quite popular. At the same time, most New Yorkers have bicycle, which is far more convenient, as the city has a well-designed network of bike lanes. There’s even a city bike map to lead you. Anyway, whenever you need you can ask your moving company about some shortcuts and other useful tips concerning the transit.

NYC Parks

Central Park is a park in an untraditional sense of this word. It houses Central Park Zoo, Summer Stage and so on. But NYC has a lot of other green spots. The High Line dominates Manhattan. It’s a long park built on an elevated part of an old New York Central Railroad spur. Annually about 5 million tourists visit the park.
Actually, New York is abound in green zones: from Staten Island Greenbelt to the Gateway National Recreation Area. 

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