Soho Moving Home Packing Service

We’re fully equipped and well-trained for that. If you don’t want to be stressed with this endless and painful process, leave it to us! We’ll do our job carefully and quickly. This is one of those numerous advantages our services have.  

We'll schedule an appointment with you one to five days before your scheduled move. You will tell us what exactly should be packed. We will come with moving boxes and all moving supplies that could be needed. We will wrap all your furniture in soft moving blankets, fragile items will be packed in boxes, couches in special moving shrink wrap. You can see how we do it in our YouTube video here.

We are Professional Packers

Once you’ve made up your mind to move away to a new place, you start spending much time looking for packing and moving companies. We bet you’ll ask your friends and mates, surf the Internet or turn to Yelp for help. But do you know that there exist packing services? It means that a group of well-trained professionals will come to your house and pack all your stuff.

Once all your valuables are taken to your new home, we begin unpacking. Our team of professionals will unwrap and unpack your stuff and put them wherever you want.

You’ll save your time and can spend it on exploring your neighborhood and getting to know with your new neighbors.

Soho Moving Unpacking Service Is Available to Everyone

You think professional packing and unpacking service is only for rich and arrogant people who can’t do it themselves? This is wrong, cause together with the moving box delivery service it will prevent you from the stress of moving to a completely new place and leaving your old one. Packing for a move shouldn’t be a hell labor, especially when you can have it done for you.